Application Submission Information

A Note About Our Jury Process

At Paradise City, we are interested in an artist’s entire body of work. Our curatorial process does not allow for the ‘quick pick’ method that often comes with flashing five images on the screen every thirty seconds and quickly scoring the presentation.

Paradise City offers you the option of jurying from your website in lieu of submitting five images. The jury often visits your website or Google you in an effort to place your five images in a broader context. We make every effort to understand as much as we can about you and your work. Of course, you always have the option to submit new images, or use the images that we already have on file.

The jury process can be intimidating for many artists. We know it’s hard to put your work out there. Our jurying can take up to two weeks, instead of the day or two that is often allotted. We think it is worth the effort. It is why our shows stay fresh and exciting, and why Paradise City engenders such loyalty in its patrons.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • Submissions in both craft and art will be judged on the basis of design, technical skill, originality, diversity and imagination.
  • All work must be entirely handmade and the original design of the artist. Participants must exhibit the type and quality of work described in their application submission. We do not accept items embellished or made from commercially available kits, plans or patterns; imports; factory-made or assembled items; mechanical reproductions; or digital reproductions of work that originates in another media.
  • If you plan to show any jewelry in your booth, you must include a representative number of images in your presentation, or a separate application for jewelry.

Website Submissions

Paradise City encourages you to submit your website for jurying purposes instead of submitting five images. In our experience, websites allow you to give a more informed and complete presentation of your work. If your website includes multiple styles and/or media, and you are submitting an application for only one body of work, specify this on the application form in the space allotted for image descriptions.

Image Submissions

If you are submitting images, we encourage you to upload them using our online application process. Please save your image files as uncompressed JPG files only. The recommended size is 300dpi @ approximately 5” x 7”.

If you applied to any Paradise City show in the last five years, and you’re happy with your most recent presentation, you no longer have to send in images or descriptions. Simply indicate “my images are on file” on the application form, and we’ll just process the application itself. If you’ve completed new work in the meantime that you think will give us a better idea of where you are artistically and you don’t have a website, then feel free to upload your images.