Spring Marlborough Applications

Application Deadline: September 6
Notification by September 30


Royal Plaza Trade Center • Marlborough, MA March 21, 22 & 23, 2025
170 exhibitors

About the Show

Paradise City Marlborough is an elegant, well-attended art and fine craft show in the Boston area with strong high end purchases across all media categories. The show attracts collectors from Boston, its affluent suburbs, Providence, southern New Hampshire and throughout Eastern and Central New England. Like its very successful sister show in the same location in November, it attracts considerable publicity in the Boston and suburban press.

Behind the scenes of a Paradise City Art Festival is a hive of creative activity and energy. Careful thought and planning ensure that each booth is presented to its best advantage while the atmosphere has been carefully crafted to ensure a positive experience for all. From the planning stages to the final sale, both the artists and the staff at the show put their hearts into the process, ensuring that visitors experience the exhibition in the best possible way. It’s the partnership of PCAF staff and the artists combining their passion, creativity, and hard work that makes these art shows such a great success.
 – Fine Art Exhibitor

At the entrance to Paradise City Marlborough is the Sculpture Café, which provides a prominent and effective display area which is used for special exhibitions and the placement of large-scale work. Acoustic jazz in the Sculpture Café lends a lively, upscale ambiance to the entire show.

The Facility

The Royal Plaza Trade Center is a modern convention hall of an intimate size, with many user-friendly features. Load-in, set up and load-out are very easy. The exhibition space and Sculpture Cafe are fronted by large windows, which provide a mixture of natural and artificial light. There is a hotel on the grounds and ample free parking for you and all of your customers.

Located in the heart of Boston’s affluent western suburbs, at the crossroads of eastern New England, Marlborough has easy access to Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and major airports. The Royal Plaza Trade Center’s convenient Boston-area location, beautiful layout and abundant free parking draw a loyal, sophisticated and appreciative audience to this Paradise City show.


Paradise City furnishes wall-to-wall carpeting in the entire building. Jewelry lock-up and advance color promotional materials are provided at no charge. 24-hour security is provided from set-up through break-down. Full convention services, including pipe and drape rental and drayage, are available. Paradise City’s on-premises café serves a sweet and savory menu that keeps customers at the show and shopping for hours.

Show Schedule

March 20, Thursday setup
March 21, Friday 10am – 5pm
March 22, Saturday 10am – 6pm
March 23, Sunday 11am – 5pm

Booth Sizes and Fees*

 8×10 $1055
 10×10 $1170
 10×12 $1285
 10×15 $1595
 corners add $295
*A limited number of oversize booths will also be available