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Publish an Art Buzz story about you and your work!

Our Paradise City Art Buzz blog helps artists and makers increase their digital presence and promote their work. As a Membership benefit, you can submit blog ideas and work with our professional writer to craft an interesting, attention-getting story about you and your work. Finished stories will run in the 300-500 word range and will include photos that enhance your story.

In order to suggest a story idea for promotion, submit a short, 100-word abstract describing your blog topic. Include photos related to the topic.

Paradise City will review your submission. If it is selected, our writer will contact you and work with you to draft, edit and publish the story. You may also submit fully crafted stories with images for immediate review.

Submit your story ideas as early as possible. Submissions may take up to 30 days to be reviewed, edited and published.

Topics can be wide ranging

Describe a commissioned piece you are creating or have recently finished. How did you interpret the client’s needs? What was challenging about the project?

Explore a new technique you have recently learned and incorporated into your art. How did you learn about this technique? What was interesting about it and why did you decide to use it?

Talk about the inspiration for a new series of work. What was the catalyst for the inspiration? How have you interpreted the ideas in your work?

Describe how your work supports an issue that is important to you. Are you using your art to talk about climate change or the plight of wild animals? Why is it important to you to use your art to help improve the world?

Describe something that has happened to you that got you thinking about how to convey the experience artistically.

Be creative! The more unique your story is, the more it will be read and seen.

  • Your Artist ID can be found on your contract and your accept, booth assignment or membership packets.
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    Submit a short, 100-word description of your blog topic along with three (3) images.
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