The Marketplace

The Paradise City Marketplace is a collection of storefronts that bring customers directly into your e-commerce site or online store. Just like at our shows, customers who browse our Marketplace can easily walk into your “booth” and buy work directly from you. The Marketplace is an ongoing virtual show that runs year-round!

Here’s How it Works

Simply tell us where your online store is on the web. Give us the URL and an optional storefront image and your e-commerce site will be linked into the Marketplace. Customers who click on your image are taken directly into your site for your sales and marketing efforts. Paradise City does not take any percentage of sales for items sold or traffic generated through the Marketplace.

Paradise City’s Part

Just to let you know, three hours after your Marketplace e-mail went out, I got an order, followed by an order for a smaller version of the quilt you posted!!! Yes, I am happy dancing!”
– A.B

We continuously promote the Marketplace through e-mail, social media and digital advertising. We create weekly “Special Collections” of artists and their work that fit into interesting themes and cross-promote the Marketplace on facebook, Instagram and our own Artbuzz blog.

We continuously track customers store entrances and provide artists regular updates on their storefronts’ effectiveness. Since launching in April of 2020, the Marketplace has averaged over twenty-two thousand visits to members’ e-commerce sites per month.

Register/Update your Storefront

Register or update your storefront by providing your store’s URL and an optional image. All submitted content is reviewed for accuracy prior to publication.

  • Enter your Artist ID found on any of your contracts and forms
  • Enter the URL of your storefront. Include any tracking codes you would like use to measure your storefront's activity
  • We will use the media description used on your artist web page for your storefront by default. Enter an alternate description for your storefront here.
  • We will use one of your jury or web page images for your storefront by default. Choose a file here if you want to upload a special image for your storefront.
    Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.