Personalized Postcard and Mailings

Paradise City creates beautiful, full color postcards for each of its shows. In addition, we will personalize them with your name, media, business name, booth number or anything else you would like, all free of charge. Enter any personalized message you would like printed on the postcard and indicate the number of postcards you would like sent to you.

Free Mailing Services!

Paradise City will also mail your personalized postcards to your customers free of charge, including all postage fees. Submit your mailing list below to send your personalized postcards to all your customers and save hundreds of dollars!

Call Mark at 800.511.9725 x105 with questions.

  • Your Artist ID is found on your accept, booth assignment or membership packets.
  • Select the show you are ordering postcards or submitting a mailing list for
  • First Line of personalization. Should be your name or company name.
  • We will add your booth information to the end of this line
  • Enter the number of personalized postcards you would like sent to you to distribute for each show
  • Free Mailing Services

    Upload your mailing list file below. We accept csv, tab-delimited text or Excel file formats. Call Mark at (800) 511-9725 x105 if you have questions or want example submission files.
  • Your mailing list is used exclusively to promote the shows that you exhibit at. We do not use it for other shows, exhibitions or unrelated events. Paradise City does not share its mailing list, nor yours, with any other organization.
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