E-Mail Marketing: How to Take Advantage of your Perks!

Paradise Perks! promotions are designed to raise your visibility in front of our large audience, build your email list and drive customers to your booth. Paradise Perks! are more than just a way to distribute promotions. They can be used to build long term relationships with prospective customers. Here are some suggestions.

Each time one of our patrons downloads your Perks coupon, you receive an email notification. That contains the customer’s name and email address. This is pure gold.

WHEN YOU RECEIVE THAT NOTIFICATION, CONTACT THEM. Send them an email thanking them for their interest in your work. Tell them how much you look forward to meeting them at Paradise City. Engage them in a conversation and try to find out what they are especially interested in. Leave one of your free VIP passes at the Will Call window for any “hot prospects” you identify.

IF YOUR NEW ADMIRER DOES NOT VISIT YOUR BOOTH, FOLLOW UP. Send them an email that you are sorry you didn’t get to meet them at the show, give them your website/contact info, and tell them that they can still redeem the Perks coupon offer by contacting you directly (or using a coupon code on your website).

IF THEY DID VISIT YOUR BOOTH BUT DID NOT MAKE A PURCHASE, FOLLOW UP. Send them an email with something like “it was so nice to meet you. Please let me know if there is a particular item you were looking for. Remember, I am always happy to talk about commissioning something special.” You now have their name and email for future mailings. Add it to your list!

IF YOU DIDN’T GET AT LEAST A HANDFUL OF COUPON DOWNLOADS, THINK ABOUT YOUR OFFER. Is it compelling? Is it fun? Is it something you would want to use? Then look at your image on the Perks offer. Could you do better?

Craft shows are more than simply a place to close sales. Paradise Perks! can help make them just one point of contact in what can be a multi-channel, long-term customer relationship.