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Would you like to reach 40,000 customers with your own custom email message or promotion?

As a free, members-only benefit, be part of Paradise Perks! to drive traffic to both your Marketplace storefront and your exhibition booth and increase sales.

Here’s How it Works

Simply think of a promotion or announcement that will incent customers to visit your Marketplace e-commerce site . Do you have excess inventory or new work that you’d like to feature? Maybe you want to tempt people to buy whole sets – of dinnerware, bedroom furniture or serving pieces. Or perhaps you’d like to get customers to introduce their friends to your work? Tell us what your “Paradise Perks!” promotion is, give us a coupon code if you have one, and we will do the rest!

Paradise City’s Part

I had over 200 website visits and a sale within a day of the Marketplace Perks! email going out….. Thanks for your help!    – Exhibitor
We will place your promotion right on your Marketplace storefront and include it in a Paradise Perks! email campaign targeting over 40,000 collectors.
You did a great job getting the Paradise Perks promos out. I had 40 or so new people provide email addresses…. Promotion works! – Exhibitor

The customer touches or mouses over your Marketplace storefront to see your promotion and clicks to be taken directly to your e-commerce site for browsing and purchasing. Read about ways to use your Perks! to boost visits and sales before, during and after the show.

This is not a one-size-fits-all marketing initiative. You know your customers, so feel free to craft a unique one that will increase their interest in your work. It only takes seconds to do so and there is no charge. This is too valuable of a benefit to miss out on!

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