One of my favorite shows! From the smooth processes to the art-knowledgeable clientele and friendly vendors… I can tell I will be able to build an excellent collector base here. I am looking forward to the next show already!

Show Exhibition and Marketing Benefits

The Membership Program has been easing art festival participation and increasing sales for members for over 15 years. Free applications, tickets, personalized postcard mailings, and email marketing campaigns have made it easy and profitable for artists to exhibit at our shows. Become a Member now!

Members take advantage of all their show and marketing benefits through our online service portal My Paradise City,

Free Automatic Applications to All Shows

Your membership includes automatic application to a full year of Paradise City shows. You have no application forms to fill out, no submission deadlines and no application fees to pay. This benefit alone saves you $100 annually!

Your application will be entered into the regular jury process for every show and you will be offered a contract for any show(s) to which you are accepted.

The jury will use the latest images we have on file for you. Members may submit new images at any time during the year through our online service portal My Paradise City,

Free Personalized Postcard Mailings

We mail a postcard with a custom printed message from you to your customers in each region where you’re exhibiting at a Paradise City Arts Festival. Every postcard we send includes a $2 off admission coupon, courtesy of the artist.

Completely free of charge, this service saves you hundreds of dollars in printing costs, postal fees and hours of time while increasing customer visits to your booth!

Your mailing list is used exclusively to promote the shows that you are accepted to and is not used for other shows, exhibitions or unrelated events.

40% off Advertising in the Paradise City Guide

Over 50,000 Guides are mailed and distributed for each show to proven buyers of art and craft. Members receive nearly 40% off the regular advertising rates, saving you hundreds of dollars seasonally!

Demographics indicate that Guide readers are affluent and educated homeowners with a strong interest in the arts. Artists who advertised in the Guide averaged over $800 more in sales than those who didn’t.

Click here to reserve an advertisement in the Paradise City Guide. Advertising Reservation forms will also be sent to Members in the appropriate time frame for each Guide.

Paradise Perks! Email Marketing Campaigns

Would you like to reach up to 40,000 customers with your own custom email promotion? We will create a custom landing page for your promotion and include it in a Paradise Perks! email campaign targeting over 40,000 collectors.

The customer clicks to register and receive your promotional coupon via email ready to bring it to your Paradise City booth. At the same time, you will receive an email with the customer’s name and email address for your own records and downstream marketing.

To read more and see example Perks from a recent campaign, visit our Perks! signup page in My Paradise City.

“B-Back” Email Campaigns

There’s a name for it. In the social circles of artists and craftspeople it’s called a “B-Back”. You’re browsing through many booths (or websites), love what you see, and can’t make up your mind. You say to yourself you’ll “be back”. “

B-Back email campaigns after each show encourage patrons to follow up on purchases they were considering while they are still fresh in their minds. Patrons will be directed to a special collection of Member artists participating in that show. Seeing an image of your work and having easy access to your website and contact info helps facilitate follow-up sales and commissions.

Free Opt-In Participation in All Virtual Shows

All Members have the option of free participation in all of our virtual shows. In 2020, Paradise City held three virtual shows to replace in-person shows that could not take place due to pandemic regulations.

Our virtual shows are well publicized and attended. In 2020, each virtual show attracted tens of thousands of visits to artists’ websites.

Free VIP Passes

Members receive four free VIP passes for each show in which they exhibit to encourage serious customers to attend or to contemplate a big purchase and return to your booth the next day.

These free passes can be sent in advance or can be left for your customers at the box office will-call window.

Free Personal Web Page on the Paradise City Website

We create a personal web page for every Member and link it to each show’s exhibitor list and is easiest way for attendees to see your work online. These exhibitor web pages are highlighted in the Artist Showcase. Customers want to see more of you and your work!

Your personal web page is an effective way to increase your visibility and sales. They introduce your work to new collectors year-round, provide links to your website and have proven to be a successful tool for artists to make sales both before and after shows.